Classic Sushi Rolls

Are you craving some delicious classic sushi rolls?

At Sushi Time, we pride ourselves on serving the highest quality sushi in Raleigh! One of our specialties is our selection of Classic Sushi Rolls, filled with fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor. Each roll is expertly hand-rolled by our skilled sushi chefs, ensuring that every bite is a delicious experience for you and your friends or family!

Classic, Familiar Favorites

Choose from a wide variety of classic sushi rolls, including the ever-popular salmon roll, tuna roll, and white fish roll. These rolls showcase the delicate flavors of the fish, with a perfect balance of umami. For those who enjoy a more delicate taste, our yellowtail roll and escolar roll are must-tries. The yellowtail has a buttery texture, while the escolar offers a rich and creamy flavor to it.

Newer Fun Flavors

For a more unique flavor, try our smoked salmon roll, which adds a smoky element to the traditional salmon roll. For those who need a vegetarian option, our avocado roll, vegetable roll, and cucumber roll are fresh and satisfying choices. Our saba roll, made with marinated mackerel, and our octopus roll, topped with succulent pieces of octopus, offer a taste of the sea with every bite.

The Best Classic Sushi In Raleigh

At Sushi Time, we’re proud to offer classic sushi rolls, such as the California roll, filled with sweet crab meat and creamy avocado, and the eel roll, featuring a savory and slightly sweet eel topping. For a burst of flavor, try our tuna tataki roll, which is seared to perfection and paired with a tangy ponzu sauce. And for those who like a little spice, our spicy tuna roll is an absolute must-try.

All Rolls Are BOGO

When you order our Classic Sushi Rolls, they are buy one, get one free of equal or lesser value (higher price prevails). Please note that the free rolls do not come automatically, so be sure to inform your server of all the rolls you would like to order. Please also note that no substitutions can be made for our BOGO rolls. Any additional or extra items may be subject to an extra charge and will not be eligible for the BOGO deal.

Order Online

At Sushi Time, we’re committed to providing our customers with a memorable dining experience, and our Classic Sushi Rolls are sure to impress! Visit us today or order online to try our delicious and authentic classic rolls!

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